BB Glow Academy Carboxy Therapy vs. Carboxy Gel Therapy: What's the Difference?

Carboxy Therapy vs. Carboxy Gel Therapy: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to skin rejuvenation treatments, Carboxy Therapy and Carboxy Gel Therapy are two popular options that offer remarkable results. While they share similarities in treating cellulite, dark under-eye circles, and stretch marks, it’s essential to understand the key differences between these two techniques. In this blog, we will dive into the distinctions and benefits of Carboxy Therapy with needles and Carboxy Gel Therapy, helping you make an informed decision about the best treatment for your skincare goals.


Carboxy Therapy: The Power of Needles

Carboxy Therapy involves the injection of Carbon Dioxide gas under the skin using fine needles. This technique enhances circulation, improves skin elasticity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The controlled delivery of the gas stimulates collagen production and triggers a physiological response that revitalizes the skin. Carboxy Therapy is a trusted method used by professionals to achieve remarkable results in skin rejuvenation.

Carboxy Gel Therapy: A Topical Solution

On the other hand, Carboxy Gel Therapy utilizes a medical-grade, topical solution to treat the skin. This non-invasive approach offers a painless and affordable alternative to traditional Carboxy Therapy with needles. The gel solution, infused with Carbon Dioxide, is applied directly to the treatment area, allowing the gas to penetrate the skin and deliver its rejuvenating effects. Carboxy Gel Therapy is known for its convenience, as it requires no downtime, making it a popular choice for spa owners and clients seeking a hassle-free treatment.


Choosing the Right Treatment for You


Deciding between Carboxy Therapy and Carboxy Gel Therapy depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prefer a non-invasive, painless treatment with no downtime, Carboxy Gel Therapy may be the ideal option. It offers remarkable results in improving circulation, skin elasticity, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. However, if you seek a more intensive and targeted approach, Carboxy Therapy with needles may be the better choice, providing deeper penetration and potential for enhanced results.


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