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How Do I Market BB Glow to My Clients?

Are you newly certified in BB Glow and need help advertising this new skill to your clients? You’re in the right place! We’ve certified thousands of students across the world and have helped them achieve new levels of success. Here are some of the best tips to market BB Glow that we’ve collected over the years! 

6 Easy Ways to Market BB Glow 


  1. Use Social Media to Your Advantage
    Social media is a great place to connect with your existing client base and find new clients. Share your new certification on social and create content around BB Glow. Show off your certification, take before and after photos/videos, share client testimonials, and create or share educational content on BB Glow.
  2. Leave Out BB Glow Brochures
    If you have a waiting room or lounge for your clients, leave out some BB Glow brochures. Clients may take a peek while they are waiting and you can pique their interest.
  3. Start by Using BB Glow to Enhance Your Existing Treatments
    An easy way to get BB Glow in your client’s ears is to recommend it alongside other treatments they are more familiar with. BB Glow can be used with dozens of other treatments and can actually enhance the results of those treatments. It’s a natural way to bring up BB Glow in conversation without sounding too pushy.
  4. Update the Service Menu on Your Website
    This one may seem obvious, but tons of professionals forget to update their websites with their newest treatments. Just adding BB Glow to your website makes it easier for clients to find you when googling “BB Glow Near Me.”
  5. Partner with Other Professionals in Your Salon or Area
    This industry thrives on referrals. Partner with other professionals to skill share amongst your clients. For example, you may not offer microblading, but you recommend a friend that does it. Then your friend can recommend you for BB Glow. It’s a great way to grow your network and expand your client base.
  6. Offer a First-Time Special
    Clients may be hesitant to try a new treatment. Offering a special offer for first-time clients can reduce that barrier to entry and make it tempting enough to give it a try. Remember, BB Glow results are maximized through multiple treatments. Don’t be afraid to make that first treatment a bit cheaper and let your results speak for themselves! 

We’re so excited that you’re ready to offer BB Glow at your salon or spa! You now have everything you need to grow your client base and increase your revenue. Be sure to follow our Instagram for more tips and tricks to help you stay educate and provide better resources for your clients! 

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