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How Long Does BB Glow Last?

When it comes to skincare everyone wants to pay for treatments that are as effective as possible with long lasting results. That’s why one of the first questions we’re asked about BB Glow is, “How long does it last?” Let’s dive into BB Glow so you know exactly what to expect! 


What is BB Glow?

BB Glow is a semi-permanent BB cream treatment that can reduce freckles and lighten the skin. It also helps with skin discoloration caused by acne and photoaging (age spots). Developed in South Korea, this treatment has rapidly grown in popularity in spas across the world. The treatment will improve the texture, tone, and quality of the skin from deep within. 

So, How Long Does BB Glow Last? 


The BB Glow process involves injecting pigmented serums into the epidermis layer of the skin. Because it’s such a shallow layer of the skin, the pigment needs to be built up over time. For a first-time customer, they can expect results to last 3 to 7 days. In fact, results can be immediately seen after the first session, but result longevity comes from multiple treatments. After 3-5 sessions, clients can expect results to last up to 4 to 8 months. The more sessions, the longer they will last. 


How Frequently Do I Need to Do a Maintenance Session?

After the initial treatment course, results can be maintained by receiving a maintenance session every 4 to 5 months. 


Can My Skincare Routine Impact My Results? 

100%. Certain products and ingredients can make your results disappear faster. Avoid anti-aging or peeling products after receiving BB Glow. 

We hope we’ve answered your question about BB Glow. If you want to become an expert in BB Glow, we recommend exploring our BB Glow online course. You can get internationally certified in BB Glow and become an expert in this exciting new treatment. 

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