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woman gets lip filler with the Hyaluron Pen

How Much Filler Should I Get in My Lips?

Clients always ask me, “How much filler should I get?” There are a lot of things to consider when getting fillers. It can come down to: 

  • Your desired look
  • If you’re new to fillers
  • Thickness of the filler being used 

So let’s talk about these in more depth! 

It Depends on Your Desired Look

 If you want more volume, you’ll need more filler. For most people, you will see results with half a syringe (0.5mL) or 1mL. I would not recommend using more than 1 syringe in a session. I f you want more volume, you should schedule another appointment. 


If You’re New To Fillers

If it’s your first time getting fillers, your body will absorb a lot of the filler. So for a first timer, 1mL may actually not be enough. If you’ve had several fillers done then 0.5mL might be perfect to get your desired volume.


The Thickness of the Filler 

The thicker the filler, the more volume you will get. For a lip filler, your technician could use either a Fine, Deep, or Grande filler. A fine filler would need more filler than a grande filler. 

I know you may not have a crystal clear answer, but every person is different. That’s why your technician will do a full consultation and ask a variety of questions to help determine what is best for you. Always remember that fillers can be built upon, so if you don’t get your desired volume, you can get more! 

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