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The Best Pigments for BB Glow: Stayve

Stayve has been one of the most popular brands of pigments and serums for years. Founded in 2006 in South Korea, Stayve has been purchased by beauty professionals worldwide. Let’s talk about Stayve Pigments, why they’re so great for BB Glow, and where you can buy these products. 



Why Should You Use Stayve Pigments for BB Glow?

There are numerous BB Glow pigment brands on the market, but Stayve consistently ranks high on the list. But why? Stayve boasts a powerful combination of ingredients to create natural, long-lasting results. Stayve Pigments grew in popularity in South Korea, before being shipped across the world. Now Stayve has become a staple in BB Glow and micro-needling procedures.  


They are perfect for dry, sun-damaged skin, pigmented and uneven skin tones, or tired and sensitive skin requiring intense moisture. When you use a Stayve Pigment, you can expect instant hydration of the skin. It will provide a gradual lightening effect and neutralize free radicals while restoring a radiant complexion and evening the skin tone. Unlike applying foundation or BB cream, they can also reduce skin discoloration without clogging pores.



What Shades of Stayve Pigments are Available?

Stayve Pigments are available in 5 shades. These shades are: 

  • Light – lightest shade, ideal for people with an extra light skin tone
  • Light Rose – pinkish light shade, ideal for people with a light skin tone and a pink undertone
  • Medium – medium shade, ideal for people with a medium skin tone
  • Deep – dark shade, ideal for people with a tanned or bronzed skin tone
  • Deep plus – darkest shade, ideal for people with a dark skin tone

The best part? Stayve Pigments can be mixed together to create the perfect shade – giving you ultimate flexibility. 

We recommend purchasing a Mixed Pigment Kit. With a mixed kit, you can mix and match pigments, experiment with a variety of shades, and save money by purchasing pigments in bulk. 



Where can I Buy Stayve Pigments? 

Stayve pigments are available for purchase in our online store. You can purchase Stayve pigments from other retailers, but please be careful. Some retailers will sell fake products that can be incredibly damaging to the skin. When purchasing Stayve products, make sure you can confirm that the retailer is an official distributor or reseller of Stayve (also called Evie) products. 

Stayve pigments are a trusted product for professionals across the world. In fact, they are our #1 recommended and most purchased brand for BB Glow pigments and serums. We have a large selection of Stayve pigments to choose from, so be sure to explore our collection today!


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