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Which Lip Filler Will Last the Longest?

This article was written by the founder of BB Glow Academy, Katrina Morozova. Katrina wants to share her 15+ years of experience with clients and professionals around the world.


When clients get lip fillers they always ask me, “Well, how long does it last?” It used to surprise me that many clients didn’t know that fillers can last anywhere from 1 month to a full year! It ultimately comes down to one thing: the thickness of the filler. Let’s talk about the difference in filler thickness and how they impact the length of the results. 


Why are some fillers thicker than others? 

Lip fillers are commonly made from a substance called Hyaluronic Acid. This is a naturally occurring acid that is produced in our bodies. If you were to inject a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin, it could be completely absorbed within a few days. That’s why fillers can be made thicker to make the Hyaluronic Acid more stable and to slow down its absorption. 


I heard that some fillers can last for several years! What about those ones? 

Yes, there are fillers out there that can last for over a year. I don’t recommend these fillers. Because they are so thick, some clients actually experience allergic or adverse reactions. I prefer medium fillers because they can last for several months and can be repeated as needed to maintain your desired result. They are also great because preferences and styles change, so having a filler that needs to be maintained will prevent you from needing to get fillers dissolved when you no longer want them. If you’re considering Hyaluron Pen filler treatments, I would also recommend medium fillers for that device. 


What are the different thickness options for fillers? 

Here at BB Glow Academy, we prefer the Elasty brand for fillers. We have tested their product against many other brands and it has always come out on top. The Elasty brand has 3 options: 

F ( fine)

  • Thickness: Thinnest option
  • Lasts: 1-3 months
  • Age: Recommended for 18-25 year olds
  • Use: Perfect for hydration, small/fine wrinkles, and can add a little plumpness to the lips. 

D ( deep): 

  • Thickness: Medium option
  • Lasts: 3-6 months
  • Age: Recommended for 25-50 year olds
  • Use: Perfect for lips augmentation, removing smile lines, and smocking lines.

G ( grande): 

  • Thickness: The thickest option
  • Lasts: up to 1 year
  • Age: Recommended for 30-60 year olds
  • Use: Perfect for a lot of lip volume and deep wrinkles


When you book a filler appointment, your technician will evaluate your skin and determine the best filler to use based on your desired results. And never forget – you can build upon your fillers. Don’t automatically choose the thickest option! 

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