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Your Ultimate Guide to Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy originated in French spas in the 1930s and has continued to grow in popularity for nearly a century! Promising to deliver amazing health and skin benefits, Carboxytherapy has become a staple in numerous spas and salons across the world. But not everyone knows about this powerful treatment. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Carboxytherapy!


Everything You Need to Know about Carboxytherapy


What is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical treatment for a variety of skincare concerns. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is either injected into the skin or applied topically through a mask or CO2 Lift. 

What are the benefits of Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy can be used to treat a variety of skincare and medical concerns, including: 

  • Cellulite
  • Dark , under-eye circles, 
  • Stretch marks
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Acute arthritis
  • Alopecia
  • Fat reduction
  • Poor circulation
  • Poor skin elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

How does Carboxytherapy work?

The specific of the procedure will vary depending on the part of the body being treated and the selected method (injection vs topical). However, the general process behind the treatment remains the same.

As CO2 is introduced into the skin, the body will reject its presence as it interprets it as a lack of oxygen. Blood will rush into the area to deliver a boost of oxygen. This will promote healing and tissue regeneration. 

What are the side effects of Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a generally safe procedure, though some people may experience bruising or redness with injections or tingling with topical treatments. 


How long does a Carboxytherapy treatment last?

Depending on the treated area, Carboxytherapy sessions generally last between 15 to 30 minutes per session.

Can Carboxytherapy be combined with other treatments?

Absolutely! We recommend combining carboxytherapy with BB Glow treatments for maximum results. 


Is there downtime after a Carboxytherapy treatment?

For the most part, you can resume your daily activities immediately. 

Is carboxy gel therapy the same as Carboxytherapy?

Carboxy Gel Therapy, also called CO2 Lift,  is a topical version of Carboxytherapy. It is performed using an activating mask. As soon as the mask is pressed against the skin, CO2 is released.

Carboxy Gel Therapy offers many of the same benefits as Carboxytherapy, such as: 

  • Elasticity 
  • Acne care
  • Slimming and firming
  • Moisturizing

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Carboxytherapy is definitely one of the most powerful and popular treatments on the market. Whether you’re brand new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, it’s a great treatment to add to your menu of services. You can easily add Carboxy Gel Therapy to your skill set by enrolling in our online course. You will learn:

  • How the gel reacts in the skin
  • Procedure reviews and step-by-step guides
  • How to use Carboxy Therapy to treat a variety of skin conditions and concerns

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