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Kristela Keegan is a qualified aesthetic practitioner with a passion for the health and beauty industry and an entrepreneur at heart. She owns her very own studio in Santa Cruz, California, and specializes in the latest and most effective beauty techniques in permanent makeup and skincare. She has a degree in business and experience with b2b portfolio management, where she helped numerous companies grow their platform financially. Her previous career, along with her desire to utilize her artistic side, inspired her to go into business for herself.

She combined both passion and skills, which led her to the aesthetics industry.
Kristela strives for growth and continuously searches for ways to advance her career. After succeeding as a body art practitioner, she discovered BB Glow and added it to her list of services. After performing several treatments on her existing clients, she saw the immediate results, and she knew this was a game-changer. This revolutionary technique should not be kept secret. She had a keen desire to guide like-minded individuals so they can add this service in their spas or salons.
With her drive and desire to help others, she believes that BB Glow can make a massive impact on the success of your business. Not only will your clients love the results, but you’d also part of an elite group of aesthetic practitioners that can perform this treatment. Let’s get ahead of the game and change lives together.


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