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Stayve Booster Starter Kit

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BOOSTER Starter Kit for Effective Skin Treatment-  Five Different Ampoules in One Box 8 mlX 12 PCS

As a professional in the beauty industry, you're always looking for new and effective ways to enhance your clients' skin. And the BOOSTER Starter Kit has everything you need to achieve just that. With five different ampoules, each one catering to specific skin types, you can customize each treatment to meet your clients' unique needs. Whether it's acne, whitening, or collagen, the BOOSTER Starter Kit has it all. Not only is the BOOSTER Starter Kit convenient for you, but it's also economical compared to purchasing each ampoule separately. Plus, it's a great tool for teaching students in beauty academies. The active ingredients in the ampoules penetrate deep into the skin, thanks to the Microneedling Therapy System (MTS), which creates fine holes in the skin that promote collagen formation during the healing process. Using the BOOSTER Starter Kit for effective skin treatment is simple and safe. Simply apply the ampoule before the BB Glow treatment, and the active ingredients will work their magic. However, it's important to note that the ampoules should not be injected with a syringe or used for bleeding treatments. The BOOSTER Starter Kit has a two-year shelf life before opening and should be used within two weeks after opening. And for added peace of mind, it is KFDA approved and made in Korea. So, if you're looking to revitalize your clients' skin and take their beauty treatments to the next level, the BOOSTER Starter Kit is the perfect choice. Order now and see the results for yourself.
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*The Stayve Kits are NOT customizable. You will receive exactly what is in the picture.

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